ArabicaDabra Coffee Company LLC. - Jackie Mendelson - Phone:  800.318.8119

Born To Travel - Jill Mellman - Phone: 818.349.7676

Law office of Judith M Sack - Estate Planning - Judith M Sack - 818-914-0668

 Let’s Do Business, Inc.,  is not a chamber of commerce or a social club, it's an exclusive body of decision-makers and professionals whose primary goal is to find qualified leads for fellow members,  who are dedicated to providing high quality customer service, maintaining a high level of ethics and growing their businesses through qualified referrals. We meet every Tuesday morning from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. at the Orange Grove Bistro on the campus of CSUN.  The purpose of the meetings is to allow the members to discuss business topics and to give leads and referrals that have been generated over the preceding week. We allow only one member per business category in order to create the best opportunity for business growth.   Our members  are screened for qualifications and promise to provide a high level of service to their customers while adhering to their profession's standards.

Fume-a-Pest - Amanda Strzelecki / Mark Mudgett - 818.757.4555  J-n-K Services Inc. - Jave M. Tripp - 818.505.8155  Law office of A. Hillary Grosberg - Business Litigation - A. Hillary Grosberg - 818.789.1593  

 Dr. Sharone Rosen, Chiropractor (818)341-3435

Law office of Lauren Ross - Bankruptcy - Lauren Ross - 818.847.0211

Moving Matters - Gail Meyer - 818.582.6266

Robin Kellogg Associates - Robin Kellogg - 818.993.5468

Takata & Marzalek Inc - April D. Gordon - 818.703.1040

TAP Solutions - Warren Schultz - 818.281.7628

Woodbridge Estates - Sharrell Treat - 818.762.3040

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